How to prepare for TOEFL IBT?

In today’s article, we will look at the question of one of the most popular tests, namely TOEFL IBT test. Оf course the main question is how to prepare for it. I accidentally found a training program I’m thinking to share with you.


  • Learning Objectives and Methods:
  • Revision of old and mastering new vocabulary and idioms;
  • Basic and in-depth grammar revision, as well as the grammatical constructs specific to the test;
  • Analysis and comment on the errors made;
  • Strategies to deal with the exam situation;
  • Building skills to take into account the time factor;
  • Taking into account and aligning the preparation with the fact that TOEFL is a test in American English.

This program is from one English course for TOEFL preparation, but we can use it for our own needs.

Where to start?

Image of examTo begin our test preparation first we need to get acquainted with the content of the exam itself. How can you prepare for something you do not know what it is, right? There is enough information on the form and content of the TOEFL IBT test on the internet, but do not trust everything you read. Visit the official site where you will be sure to receive up-to-date and reliable information about the exam – You can also try to make free TOEFL test to check your English level.

The second thing we should do is to find materials. Just type in the search engine “TOEFL preparation material free download” and you will see how many things you can enjoy for free on the web. Of course, paid stuff as well as thousands of sites offering English language courses. Here, the judgment is yours if you can do it yourself.

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